The upholstery specialist for vintage and classic cars

‘ Old Timer ’, ‘ Young Timer ’, the classic car is a whole specific universe in itself which deserves an extreme attention and an absolute mastering technically speaking as well as in terms of know-how when you trust a provider with it for an intervention.

It is the same in the world of upholstery dedicated to classic cars, whether it is giving them the appearance of an original leather, or to restore it when possible or even to customise it at your liking according to the image you want to give it.

Pre-war, ‘ post vintage ’, ‘ Classic ’, whatever the year of your vehicle, Paraphe intervenes as a wise expert to restore your car in the upholstery field by creating a new upholstery in the spirit of the original model and an interior cover worked in the smallest details, or by creating a new, different and unique upholstery, according to your wishes.

Each uphostery is made-to-measure at the image of your vehicle’s pattern , which is recreated before starting the cut of the leather, and then of its manufacturing and assembly, upstream the installation.

All the interventions inherent in the rarest details of your vehicle are handmade by our Upholsterer Master who is in charge of the dedicated workshop.

From the dashboard to the gear lever, the knob, the interior doors, the front and back seats, the hand brake lever, and even the roll bars for racing cars, Paraphe is able, for you, to make what nobody else would have imagined possible to design for one’s vehicle.

The most meticulous care is given to the dismantling of the elements by the installation and dismantling specialists of our factory. The same extreme care is given when the elements are put back together after the manufacturing of the upholstery, which is studied down to the smallest details upstream its manufacturing, to take the spaces into consideration, down to the millimetre, which will matter during the reassembly of the elements (particularly for the dashboard).mercedes-560SL-middle

The choice of the leather, depending on your tastes and wishes, will be done with a specific catalogue to have the same aetheticism as your vehicle, and with its technical constraints identified upstream, in order to know that, once created, the reassembly of the elements of the upholstery will be absolutely reliable and perfect.

This leather will then be prepared to be made as thin as necessary for all the pieces that will need it, as it often is the case for the dashboard.

Whatever the model of your vehicle, Paraph masters its interventions with a unique upholsterer know-how that can be compared to the one of the haute couture, for realisations that will come to life and strengthen the absolutely exculsive and definitely unique character of your classic car.

The interventions in made-to-measure upholstery for classic cars are exclusively made in our workshop – Factory in Villiers-Cotterêts.

A meeting can be set in our show room in Paris or on site.

A classic cars transportation service – by a licenced special carrier – is at your disposal. This service is not free and the fares depend on the distance required.