Upholstery specialists for camper vans

You love freedom and comfort, and you are an expert on recreational vehicles.

Our company is a leader in the field of upholstery dedicated to camper vans ;  we have been intervening for over 15 years for the brand RAPIDO and more recently for TRIGANO – NOTIN which develop always more optimal offers for your own satisfaction.

We are actually proud to contribute to each new collection and to have, this way, the possibility to be part of the pleasure that will then be yours, and to fully happily enjoy your interior.

This know-how legitimity led us to release, for the first time this year, an offer that is specifically dedicated to you : an offer that will allow every camper van owner to be able, during a second-hand purchase or a resale of their vehicle, to repackage it as they wish.

A huge advantage to recreate an interior at your image, at the occasion of the purchase of a camper van, or of a second-hand caravan, a plus at the economic level during the resale of your current vehicle to drastically increase its value before resaling it.

The recreational vehicle is a specific one which has a specific dimension, because it will drive you wherever you are dreaming to go, while making you feel like home !

And how can one feel more at home while being elsewhere, than by freely having chosen the colour, the type of leather, the full cover of one’s camper van or caravan ?

How to feel better and match this interior with one’s own tastes, except by having the possibility to choose what will give one’s purchase a real image of new and of oneself.

Paraphe offers a whole range of possibilities and quality warranty without equal.

Between the colour range of possible customisation, the emboidery or embossing to sign your upholstery, but also the cover of the elements of your camper van to which only some aesthetes give the same importance as to the seats’ upholstery and the lounge, everything is possible, even the cover of your lounge table and the one of the leathered wall panels of the  interior of the car.

When you travel, you feel this freedom that is so good for you : with Paraphe, you discover the one that will turn your preference into a jewel that looks like you only.

If Sir usually chooses the engine power and therefore the type of vehicle, Madam will finally have the possibility to recreate her own interior and to feel like home in it, with maybe a touch of fantasy added, allowed, and even recommended to turn this living space into a place matching one’s true personality and intimate creative ability.

Accessories full of originality

Finally, and because we know that most camper-van drivers deeply love our little canine friends, we have imagined a range of baskets and pillows in leather, available to match the upholstery that you will choose, and with a unique fixing system, so that they can share your travels safely while being near you.