Discover the expertise of a upholsterer

The upholstery is a noble job that pays a daily tribute to handicraft.

The upholstery finds its ancestry in the automobile history, thanks to aestet car manufacturers who, very early, have imagined cars combining the delicacy of the design with the one of interior universes, put together, as to make of one the frame of the other.

With the brand Paraphe®, the company ensures to offer services in the same spirit of respect of the materials’ purety by creating interiors adaptable to all type of vehicle, as to allow everyone to create their own legende.

Each employee of Cuir Auto Shop is an expert in his own area of expertise : from the Research and Developpement office that designs and developps the innovative products of tomorrow to answer the comfort and aestheticism expectations of our clients, to the engineering mechanichs specialised in the master of this noble and natural material that leather is, and of course to the upholsterers and car manufacturers who make covers of the highest quality for the car casing, in the most absolute and thorough respect of the current safety standards.

Each cover is designed to respect everyone’s tastes, and to offer a customisation system that goes from the choice of colours to the choice of types of leather and embroidery or signature in stamping, which may be appended wherever you want, for your only pleasure, and to make your car or your camping van really unique.

The creation workshop offers almost infinite possibilities for unique creations. Each leather skin fom Italy is selected and then verified before being processed for the achievement of the upholstery that will become yours. Except for the cutting machine, every step, from the preparation to the assembly, is done manually, made-to measure for your vehicle.

Thus, each upholstery comes from different manufacturing steps, all done manually.

The engeenering mechanics play a most important role when putting together the elements destined to become a seat or a rear-seat cover, and prove to have excellent technical skills and a thorough precision, to later start to place the topstitchings or pipings on each element that is part of the creation and realisation to obtain.

Each element designed and created comes from a degitized pattern that is used as a support for the technical realisation.

Our employees’ know-how, all specialised, guarantees an execution of excellence, respecting all the safety standards, essential to a high reliability of use for the final customer.

Perfection down to the smallest details

Made-to-measure Couture and creativity, leatherworking to give it a unique final rendering via specific perforation systems … thanks to the integrated survey office, each creation becomes really exclusive.