When it comes to upholstery, safety is not a vain word.

Because, today, all vehicles are equipped with airbag system, it is essential and even vital for us to able to offer a manufacturing process of an absolute reliability.

This system allows us to guarantee to all our clients that the cover and the whole of the casing of a vehicle are made in conjunction with the safety standards matching the maintenance of the perfect functionning of the airbag system and of their vehicles.

For each vehicle, of all type, our company owns the exact template of the model, and this for each brand.

Thanks to this detailed knowledge of each vehicle (all the templates are digitized), we manufacture casings and all the elements of the interior upholstery, respecting the place of the airbag system, adding to the following locations : seats upholstery, interior doors upholstery, the steering sheel uphosltery… the fuse wires are part of the manufacturing of our casings so that in case of an accident those wires let go of the leather, allowing the vehicle’s airbag protection system to fulfill its role.

Traceability for your vehicle

On each manifactured casing, a traceability label is affixed with an unique identification number. This traceability system allows to maintain the manufacturer warranty for each new vehicle ; it also guarantees all our clients the absolute safety that our upholsteries do not alter the Airbag system of all the vehicles we are entrusted with. This system is essential to your own safety ; always check that it is suggested to you, or that you decide to have your interior upholstery made.