Leather and row material

Leather is a noble choice material used by Cuir Auto Shop-Paraphe for the disign and the manufacture of the upholstery.

From Italy, two qualities of leather are offered : the Nappanil and the Buffalino ; both of great quality, the Nappanil remaining the upscale offer and the Buffalino offering sturdiness and suppleness all at once.

An incredible range of colours is available and varies depending on whether it is the interior of a camping van or of an automobile.

Being, beforehand in the specification, the object of a tight selection, the skins are all verified one by one at their arrival at the workshop and then verified one more time by our experts in charge of the cutting, so that no natural defect can alter the final achievement of the upholstery once put together. No defect is accepted on the skins that are to be processed.

Cuir Auto Shop also offers an innovative material, the « Eco Cuir » a specific fibre which is not natural leather but seems to be, to the touch and by looking at it, and which has almost the same reliability level as leather at the resistance tests. This new material is available in 4 colours.

Particularely accessible and processed in the same conditions as the leather, the Eco Cuir will seduce all those who want to please themselves at a very affordable price, however buying a true upholstery rather than a seat cover !

An incredible range of colours

  • 17 colours in Buffalino and 14 in Nappanil are available for the automobile upholstery
  • 17 colours in buffalino and over 40 in Nappanil are available for the camper vans upholstery

Special baths can be made on request and on the basis of a special estimate, with certificate of exclusivity of the colour, for any realisation in « unique and numbered edition ». This offer, extremely prestigious, incurs a financial cost which goes hand in hand with the notion of rarety.