The Story

For more than 20 years, our company has been designing, elaborating, adapting and tailoring customised interior worlds for cars and recreationable vehicles.

Our job is to create upholstery, and more specifically the stuffig upholstery, which includes the whole operations of tailoring and assembly of the vehicles’ layout as much as the ensemble of the elements that make up this interior layout.

Famous and know by professionals as Cuir Auto Shop, the company released in 2013 a complete and unprecedented offer for private individuals under the name of Paraph® , which symbolises the notion of ‘signature’ : the one of the customisation that anyone has today the possibility to get by chosing to make his vehicle unique, and that the company appends as a supreme guarantee of reliability, security and excellence, justified and supported by twenty years of professional expertise.

Cuir Auto Shop was born out of its founder’s passion for upholstery, himself trained by his stepfather in the spirit of a transmission and evolution, endlessly dedicated to the Customers’ satisfaction.

The company Cuir Auto Shop has become a brand to the profesional world : car manufacturers, importers, car dealers, and this as much in the environement of automobile (from urban cars to sedan cars and upscale commercial vehicles) as in the environement of recreationable vehicle (camper vans, caravanning, motorhomes).

Since 1993, the company has been developping a complementary know-how in terms of high technology, developping materials and a process of Research and developpement, thanks to its integrated Survey Office, aiming to allow the greatest number to access aestheticism and comfort in complete safety.

Cuir auto shop : the passion of leather

For over 20 years, our company has been designing, elaborating, adapting and making interior worlds. Cuir Auto Shop is a leader on the market of recreational vehicle in France, a key professional on the automobile segment. The company is a player favouring the developpement of a local and national economy, assuring a prestigious and upscale French Tailoring of which it defends the values. Cuir Auto Shop is located in Villers-Cotterêts in the heart of the Rez Forest, in the Aisne department and the Picardie region, and an hour from Paris.