The expert of the two wheels upholstery

You are passionate, you love your bike, your scooter, your original two wheels, and dream for each detail to be unique and to look like you only. You are looking for customising it or giving it the best comfort possible as well as a character of differentiation, or simply wish to be able to have the possibility to remake its upholstery like the original one within its authenticity or with a different colour and more fantasy.

Other possibility, you tactically want it to look good again before resaling it, and decide to have a brand new and of high quality upholstery made.

In both case, the offer developped by Paraphe is ideally dedicated to you.

Whether you are the owner of a rare bike, of a vintage vintage one or more recent classic bike ; whether it is a prestigious brand or a convenient scooter that you use daily but to which you are particularly attached, you have always wished to be able to customise your upholstery at your image, with chic and sobriety or with a creativity that looks like you.

With Paraphe, you can design the upholstery of your bike or of your two wheels depending on your wishes, regarding its cover, with a signature with your initials or with the logo of your favourite brand, or by chosing an unique colour or the one that matches your favorite colour, or even the authentic character of the object of your passion.

All your choices are made possible thanks to true customisation options if you want to associate an embroidery bearing your favourite’s sport image, or by having your favourite initials inscribed, or even the brand of your bike to make it even more unique.

You can have an upholstery cover made, to give it a new life.

In different quality of leather – full grain leather, rectified grained leather from itialian tanneries – or even in Eco leather, innovative material made of leather fibres, of cotton and polyester which really looks like leather, or even in skai, very resistant for the out door. The used materials are those you will choose depending on the use you make of your bike and on what you are expecting from your new upholstery.

You can imagine the topstitiching which will be the ultra chic contrast you are dreaming of, or even the piping that will decorate the whole of your upholstery by giving it an even better result.

For collectors, we can help you find once more the original spirit of your upholstery, or completely change it to your liking, to create a result recognazible between all.

Please yourself and indicate your choices and preferences by sending us a request for specifications or by calling us and we will always be present to help you optimise it by giving you the most appropriate advices that may answer your wishes to make from your bike or your two wheels the loved object that really looks like you.

If you wish to offer an upholstery cover to a loved one for an exceptional event, as a birthday present, for a wedding celebration date, a gift to celebrate a victory of a sport culb or any event that would have an emotional importance for you, we do everything possible to bring you the greatest satisfaction and the most appropriate technical answer so that the upholstery of your choice can be made for your bike’s seat.

A unique manufacturing method for a result of excellence

Our different kind of leather allow you to have a larger choice and our range of colours we help you make the best decision. We make each upholstery in accordance with the safety standards and in the respect of a craftmanship of an extreme quality, result of an authentic know-how, definitely unique and rare.

The manufacturing steps guarantee a constant control of the final quality of the result. The individually and made-to-measure manufacturing of each upholstery allows you to design the one that will become yours only. Our manufacture workshop creates exceptional products, nonetheless affordable and noticeable in terms of price and quality

All our creations are made in France, to contribute to the economic developpement, to the jobs preservation and to the unrivaled image of France when it comes to high quality handicraft and aestheticism.